I'm going to give this page a makeover. It's not the shrine to myself that I deserve!

HELLO EVERYONE!!! I'm web designer living in Washington, D.C. Specifically, in the wonderful neighborhood of Logan Circle. I've spent the majority of my career deep in the bowels of POLITICO, fighting the good fight as the web design team lead. My duties consist of equal parts design and front-end development. Everyone once and while, I like to sneak into the newsroom to snag a slice of pizza that isn't mine.

Here are some interesting things about me

  • I enjoy cooking and eating, perhaps too much. But it doesn't show. People hate that.
  • I'll gladly attempt a triathlon if it didn't involve swimming in disease-infested urban waterways
  • I can kick my own head
  • I'm learning how to speak Portuguese
  • Amongst my friends, my name is synonymous with bacon